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Vergeer Kaas is preparing for the future! At their new location in Bodegraven cheese is processed fully automatically, from in-feed to pallet, with minimal staffing. We are very proud of our cooperation with Vergeer. Recently the first line has been installed.

Vergeer Holland is one of the largest, innovative cheese processors in the world. In their new location in Bodegraven, cheese is treated, cut and packaged.

For this high-tech project we were asked to supply a cheese treatment line, an ombox line, three cheese supply systems and two cheese pre-processing installations.

Cheese treatment line
The cheese treatment line, with a capacity of up to 900 boards, is an automatic line for turning, checking and plasticising cheese, cleaning boards and unloading and loading boxes.

In-store line
The in-store or ombox line is an automatically working line to take incoming cheese from the external box, to check it automatically by vision, to weigh it and to load it into the internal storage box. Next, the cheese is fed into the maturing storage where it stays until it is further processed.
The line is suitable for the unloading of various transport boxes and can process up to 20 boxes per hour.

The de-baging line of Vergeer Holland.

Cheese supply systems
The cheese supply systems are three robot cells for unloading boxes, crates and pallets for the supply of cheese to the cutting lines. The robots are equipped with an automatic gripper change system. This allows boxes, crates and pallets to rotate one after the other without the intervention of an operator. When unloading boxes, the cheeses can be slid off the shelf independently of each other, so that there is as little residual cheese as possible at the end of an order.

Cheese pre-processing installations
The cheese pre-treatment installations consist of various components for transporting, debaging, trimming and cutting the cheeses.

The goal of this new location of Vergeer Holland is to automate as much as possible, with as few actions and operators on the lines as possible. The advantages of this are a very labour- and environment-friendly process with a high yield and a high reliability.

We are very proud of our cooperation with Vergeer Holland and that our lines and machines are part of this future-proof location!

Project NeXt at Vergeer Holland.

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// P. Mulder - Synergy Food  //

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