Plastic coating.

Treating naturally ripened cheese with plastic coating protects it from external influences and reduces the amount of induration and promotes ripening. Our delivery program includes various standalone machines for the application of the coating and a large diversity of automatically working lines for the treatment of cheese that is matured on boxes.

A wide variety is available, depending on desired functionality and capacity.


We have a large number of standard solutions available for automatic cheese handling, shelf washing and box unloading and loading. The line can be custom configured depending on functionality, required capacity and available space. 

High capacity.

For processing 600 - 800 shelves/hour (depending on shelf size) we also have a suitable solution. The configuration of this line can be made depending on the desired functionality by choosing from the various modules. 

Multi functional.

A robotic handling line can be configured to accommodate a multitude of functions, for example, a combination of handling, shelf cleaning, omboxing (converting cheese from external to internal box and vice versa) and or decorating.


In addition to 'standard treatment lines', we also supply special custom-made solutions for the treatment of, for example, Edam cheese, bread cheeses but also for the treatment of moulded cheeses.


For the semi-automatic coating of cheeses various standalone machines are available. With all machines the cheese must be added and removed manually. The model, the dimensions and the desired capacity determine the choice of machine type. The PCM*3200 is also available in a CIP model.





A separate CIP unit is required for fully automatic cleaning of the plasticizing machine. By cleaning the machine automatically with a leach solution, plastic residues are removed and almost completely dissolved. 
It is also possible to opt for cleaning on the basis of an existing CIP facility.


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