Fresh produce.

We supply various fully automated solutions for handling and packing fresh products such as fruit and vegetables. Our applications are predominantly based on cutting-edge robot technology and range from stand-alone systems to fully automated solutions. Automating processing and packaging workflows increases efficiency, improves quality and saves costs.

Our comprehensive range includes not only robot cells for handling both unpackaged and packed products, but also (de)palletizing solutions for boxes and crates, crate destackers and stackers, weighing, labeling, and inspection equipment, box erectors, and all the necessary equipment for loading and unloading.

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All solutions.

Our drive is finding the solution to your challenge. If the solution is not obvious, we invent one. Whatever happens, we always make sure it works. Because of the synergy between our varied fields of expertise we do not only deliver stand-alone solutions but also provide complete, integrated systems for production plants.

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Food solutions.

Automation of production processes forms part of our DNA, as does the drive to make the most of every challenge. That is why we work together with our customers to develop and create the best automation solutions for the food industry, with a strong focus on hygiene and sustainability. We strive for optimal process and product control for better food quality, increased productivity, and improved working conditions.

Whether it is product handling, assembly, or primary and secondary packaging, our many years of experience and knowledge in food, automation, and robotics enable us to offer unique solutions for many different applications and product variations. From the beginning to the end of the process.

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We are a driven team that has a solution for everything. If the solution is not at hand, we come up with one ourselves. Because no matter what, we always make sure it works.


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