Do you want to remove the foil or rind from the cheese? No problem. We have innovative solutions to do so. We also have a wide range of solutions for the supply of both foil cheese and naturally matured cheese. As well as for cutting, grating and packaging cheese.

Besides handling and processing the cheese, we can also take care of the complete logistical transport of both the carrier of the cheese (pallet, box, crate) and the cheese itself.


For the supply of the cheese to a processing or packaging line, we can take care of the transport of the carrier, the intake and delivery of the cheese towards the processing line as well as the transport of the cheese. We can handle all types of carriers and forms of packaging, including combined solutions.


For cheese de-foiling, we have a variety of solutions. We can de-foil various cheese types and sizes. Our machines are suitable for almost all preventive film types.


To remove the rind from natural cheese, we have a solution where the rind is removed by a scraper. This principle guarantees a minimal rind removal. Handling of the cheese in the machine is done by a robot which makes the machine very simple and causes a minimum of pollution. Aftercare inspection can be done optionally by adding a vision system.

Feed slicer.

Supply of cheese to the slicer is done by a machine where the manipulation of the divided cheese is done by a robot. After the cheese is divided, the pieces are placed on the desired position. The system has a minimum of components, is easy to clean and meets the EHEDGE standard.


Our grating line is characterized by a compact layout, hygienic design and a minimum of transitions, which helps to prevent pollution. The line is built from modules connected by two conveyor belts.


We have various machines for cutting cheese such as parts in piles, slices and portions or further processing into snacks such as sticks and/or cubes.

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'DERO GROEP's know-how in the field of cheese is huge and this gives them an advantage over the rest'.

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