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If the right solution doesn’t exist yet, we like to invent one ourselves! For WOERLE in Austria, we have therefore developed a semi-automatic schmier line for the treatment of semicircular cheese bars.

WOERLE makes cheese from hay milk – a name that refers to the diet of the dairy cows – and has a diverse range of cheese specialties. Last year, this family business opened a new cheese factory and therefore looked for an automated solution for the treatment of semicircular cheese bars. 

Just like other mountain cheeses, this unique shape of cheese is treated in a special way; namely by "schmieren". In this process the surface of the cheese is treated with brine and bacteria during ripening. Over the years, we have developed various schmier installations and due to the knowledge of the schmier process that we have acquired through this - in combination with our robot knowledge - we were able to come up with the right solution for WOERLE as well.

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Semi-automatic schmier line
This semi-automatic schmier line can process more than 500 cheeses per hour. The large cheese racks are transported to the schmier line by AGVs, where a robot unloads them. An operator then takes the cheeses off the shelves, after which they are treated in a schmier machine and the shelves are washed in a shelf washing machine. Another operator then places the cheeses back on the shelves. Placing the heavy cheeses from and onto the shelves is done fully ergonomically, without the operators having to lift them. Finally, the boxes are loaded by the same robot and discharged again with an AGV, creating a fully automatic outfeed.

This project had a very short lead time, but due to good preparation, the commitment of our employees, and the synergy between all our locations, we easily met the agreed delivery time. The gripper and robot base were designed at our location in Nieuw-Vennep, which were then manufactured in Alkmaar. Meanwhile, the transport system and the shelf washing machine were built in Joure. "It is great to see that every branch and its people have the right attitude to make this a success and that every link in the group has done what was promised," says operations manager Jaap. 

WOERLE is more than satisfied with the semi-automatic schmier line and we have now received an order for a second project: a fully automatic schmier line with brining/delivery line. A great next automation step!

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