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Who are we as a company? Where do we come from and what is our collective DRIVE? No one who can answer these questions better than Maro Dedel, CEO and founder of the DERO GROEP. That's why last year the the BOSS day was launched!

During a BOSS day, Maro takes a group of colleagues on a trip to 1 or more customers. This way, everyone can experience firsthand what we have done for our clients, complemented by stories about and from our clients. "Together we explore our DNA, where we came from, what we have done and where we are today", says Maro. "I act as a kind of guide and tell stories and backgrounds; about ourselves, about the client and about the technology."

Last week the 3rd BOSS day took place. The day started at Tanis in Oosterhout. This Dutch machine builder makes complete production lines for gummy and jelly candies, and we already supplied about 50 robots with grippers to Tanis! In the hall a completely built-up installation for producing starch-moulded candies was on display. Our colleague Jacomijn tells: "After a short introduction from Maro, we got a tour by Tanis with explanations and a demonstration of the machine. Very cool to see the whole installation with all the parts, including our robots for stacking and unstacking trays at the moulding line."

Then the journey continued to Meerkerk. Over the years we have installed several lines for the treatment and handling of cheese at Vandersterre. Here Maro himself gave the tour and passionately explained the history of DERO GROEP, the relationship with Vandersterre and the projects in Meerkerk. "Together with Maro's explanations, these various installations nicely reflect the growth and development of the machines of the DERO GROEP over the years", Jacomijn explained.

After a tasty lunch along the way, the day ended with a visit to one of our first picker cells with Delta robots. "It was a fun and educational day during which it was nice to see how much DERO GROEP's machines have developed in recent years and that working together with other companies leads to great results!", Jacomijn said. "The most important message today? Always listen carefully to the customer, to what they want and how their processes work", adds colleague Kirsten. "That's what makes our machines and ourselves better and better!"

Would you like to join us for a BOSS day? We still have several vacancies. Take a quick look to see if something suits you, apply immediately and maybe we'll see you at the next BOSS day!

“The company’s strengths lie in attention to detail, always delivering as agreed and their commitment to finding a solution to every problem.”

// P. Mulder - Synergy Food  //

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We are proud of our driving forces. We get our teeth into challenges and only let go when we have met them.

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We are a driven team that has a solution for everything. If the solution is not at hand, we come up with one ourselves. Because no matter what, we always make sure it works.


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