Partnership with vision AI specialist Fizyr.


We are happy to announce our strategic partnership with Fizyr, provider of vision AI for robotic systems. This partnership marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of highly efficient automation in complex, high-variability tasks within food processing and logistics sectors.

To provide our customers with the best automation solutions, we work together with various partners. Fizyr empowers systems and robotics integrators with its industry-leading vision AI and other resources needed to automate the most intricate tasks in dynamic environments. Working together, we can drive remarkable advancements in tailor-made production automation.

"The partnership between Fizyr and DERO GROEP is not just a step forward for both companies, but a leap towards the future of robotic automation in food processing, supply chain and logistics sectors, promising to make operations smarter, faster, and more efficient," said Fizyr CEO Ken Fleming. "DERO GROEP’s history of innovation and expertise in robotics and automation aligns perfectly with Fizyr’s mission to enhance robotic capabilities and performance."

With Fizyr's advanced vision AI, robotic capabilities can be maximized.

Fizyr Partner Program

The partnership between Fizyr and DERO GROEP follows the recent unveiling of the Fizyr Partner Program, offering integrators the fastest on-ramp to tap into the exponential growth that lies ahead. Research from Interact Analysis predicts the market for robotic picking will be worth $6.8 billion by 2030, up from $236 million in 2022. 

"Food processing and logistic companies are experiencing high pressure on their throughput, alongside labor shortages and rising costs. Automation can provide relief while increasing production and lowering costs," said Maro Dedel, CEO of DERO GROEP. "Fizyr’s advanced computer vision is the perfect complement to our existing robotics solutions. Together we can continue to solve the challenges that have held back automation at a time when the world needs it most."

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Fizyr recently launced its Partner Program to co-develop solutions with leading integrators.


Fizyr’s approach to supervised machine learning, featuring cascade learning, is a game-changer in the industry. This method streamlines and accelerates robotic performance, drastically reducing the typical 3-20% error rates associated with high-variability tasks. With success rates in mature applications reaching 99.99%, Fizyr’s technology ensures robotic mistakes are a rarity, often occurring just once in every 10,000 picks.

“The company’s strengths lie in attention to detail, always delivering as agreed and their commitment to finding a solution to every problem.”

// P. Mulder - Synergy Food  //

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