Opening Plus One Robotics in The Netherlands.


On Thursday, April 21, we attended the official opening of Plus One Robotics' new facility in the Netherlands. In their Customer Experience Center visitors could see our demo setup for automatic supply to sorting machines. 

The US company Plus One Robotics makes vision software and this new branch in IJsselstein is their first location in Europe. They have a unique approach to human-robot collaboration and with their software for (logistics) robots they respond well to the growing demand for automation in the e-commerce sector. So we are a proud partner of Plus One Robotics!

Our demo setup for automatic supply to a sorting machine.

Besides office space, Plus One Robotics' new location also has a large Customer Experience Center. For the official opening, we placed a demo setup for automatic supply to sorting machines here. The AI-driven vision software of Plus One Robotics identifies unknown mail and packages and then a robot loads them one by one into a sorter. 

With Plus One Robotics' software, one operator can manage many robots from any location. The operator can specify which parcel to pick up if the system is unable to identify one, allowing the robot to resume work within seconds. And through machine learning, the performance of the system is constantly improving.

Easily control the robot remotely.

Many different parties were able to see our demo setup during the opening of Plus One Robotics. "We worked hard to create a cool demo and the visitors were very impressed", says our robot programmer Pablo. We look very much forward to a great cooperation. Welcome to Europe Plus One Robotics!

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“The company’s strengths lie in attention to detail, always delivering as agreed and their commitment to finding a solution to every problem.”

// P. Mulder - Synergy Food  //

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