Demonstration treatment line and mould handling line.


In the coming weeks we would like to welcome you to our location in Joure (The Netherlands), where you can see our new treatment line for mountain cheeses and small-footprint whey tray mould handling line. Sign up for a visit now!

We are building two impressive new lines in our factory in Joure and would like to invite you to visit these lines.

Treatment line for mountain cheeses 
For the treatment of mountain cheeses, we’re currently working on our largest and most complex treatment line ever. Complete with inbound and outbound this fully automatic line can process multiple cheese sizes: round, rectangular and cheese bars. Furthermore, much attention has been paid to cleanability.

Small-footprint mould handling line based on the whey tray system 
We are also working on a mould handling line for Gouda and Cheddar cheese. This line is based on the whey tray system, which collects the whey and does not drag it. This dry system makes cleaning unnecessary to a great extent and is therefore extremely suitable for stacking the presses. This results in a concept with minimal footprint and press whey quality advantage.

We would like to show you these lines at our location in Joure in the coming weeks. Sign up now for a visit and we will contact you as soon as possible to schedule an appointment.

The treatment line for mountain cheeses with inbound and outbound.

The whey tray mould handling line with stacked presses.

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