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Equinox MHE and DERO GROEP are joining forces to further automate the logistics and e-commerce industry with progressive robotic solutions. The Dutch companies see huge opportunities in this industry as the demand for automation keeps growing.

As system integrator for internal logistics and specialist in automated sorting systems, Equinox noticed this demand for automation first-hand. Parcel and e-commerce companies are experiencing high pressure on their throughput, alongside labour shortages and rising costs. With automation the logistics industry will benefit from less labour required and higher production at lower costs. Both Equinox and DERO GROEP aim to contribute to this with their solutions. 


DERO GROEP's parcel induction robot enables an automated infeed for Equinox’s sorters.

Parcel induction robot 
“Our sorting solutions offer a high level of automation, but do not provide a 100% automated system. There are still people needed at the infeed or outfeed,” says Peter Voet, sales director at Equinox. “Or robots.” And that’s where DERO GROEP comes in. With decades of experience in designing and implementing advanced robotic systems, DERO GROEP aims to increase the efficiency and continuity of handling processes.

To optimize the picking and placing of mixed parcels, bags and products for high-volume fulfilment and distribution centers, DERO GROEP developed a parcel induction robot. This robot enables a fully automated infeed for Equinox’s sorters and eliminates the need for this repetitive and heavy work to be done manually.

“The parcel induction robot picks random parcels and envelopes from bulk delivery and feeds it directly into the sorter,” explains Jan-Peter Mollema, business developer at DERO GROEP. “The most challenging aspect of this solution is the variety of products the robot must handle, because parcels come in all shapes, materials, and sizes. But with the applied vision system and the special vacuum gripper, the robot can handle all kinds of wrapping material and packaging. And the system’s flexibility and adaptability ensure that high performance rates are maintained despite ever-changing packaging materials and formats.”

So, the solutions of Equinox and DERO GROEP complement each other perfectly. And by combining DERO GROEP’s knowledge of robots, grippers and vision and Equinox’s experience in the parcel market, the companies strive to improve productivity, profitability and working conditions in logistics with their automation solutions. 

Parcel+Post Expo 2023
Curious to see the parcel induction robot in action with a sorter? Equinox and DERO GROEP will show their logistics solutions at Parcel+Post Expo 2023 on October 24, 25 and 26 in RAI Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Equinox can be found at booth 10.325 and DERO GROEP at booth 12.602.

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