After-sales. Maintenance. Spare parts. Breakdown.

The maintenance service for DERO GROEPsolutions is taken care of by DERO GROEP Service. Our service specialists provide structural and professional work to guarantee maximum uptime of the investment.


We do not neglect our clients after delivery. We provide after-sales services – maintenance, breakdown service and spare parts – for our products ourselves. This ensures our service meets client requirements. An aftersales plan can be included in the quote on request.

packing and palletizing round cheeses


Periodic maintenance optimally protects the delivered solutions, keeps costs under control and guarantees maximum uptime. We take stock of our clients’ maintenance needs and offer a client-specific service-level agreement. The objective is to work on preventive, not corrective maintenance.

Spare parts.

Spare parts are also taken care of in-house. Client-specific spare parts for all our systems are manufactured in-house. We can stock spare parts at the client’s premises after reaching a mutual agreement. We stock standard spare parts, as many as we possibly can.


We have set up a breakdown service to help our clients efficiently in case of failure. Every minute a system is down is one too many. Our breakdown service is available 24/7 to clients with a service level agreement. Once the problem has been ascertained, the breakdown service selects an expert to restore the system as soon as possible.

“Young, flexible, non-hierarchical organisation with their own innovative working methods. A group of people that fits in perfectly with our idea of entrepreneurship...”

// A. Blok - Blok Kaashandel //

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We are a driven team that has a solution for everything. If the solution is not at hand, we come up with one ourselves. Because no matter what, we always make sure it works.


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