Handling. Packaging. Palletising. Internal logistics.

PACKTECH is an expert with years of experience and knowledge in building infeed, outfeed, transfer, repackaging and palletising solutions. PACKTECH is part of DERO GROEP.

Automation of production processes forms part of our DNA, as does the drive to make the most of every challenge. Based on this intrinsic drive, our aim is to make a meaningful contribution to industry. Based on our experience in the fields of robotics, cheese and convenience systems and end-of-line machinery our company developed into a professional partner, partly through independent growth, partly by merging with and integrating other companies. 

DERO GROEP originated from DERO (robotics), ELTEN (cheese), BOSGRAAF (cheese and convenience), PACKTECH (end-of-line) and DOESCHOT (cheese).
We provide complete solutions, but also stand-alone modules and machines. 

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DERO GROEP EndofLine Aviateur
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DERO GROEP EndofLine LG Harris
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For the repackaging of everything that can be packed in boxes and crates, we can make a suitable solution.  Our delivery program includes various standard robotic solutions for the packaging of both food and non-food products. These modules can be applied as standalone or as part of a complete automated solution.

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As part of a complete solution, we develop and implement our own internal transport systems, shuttles, lifts, etc. for both unit and product carriers. 
We also install AGVs in conjunction with selected suppliers. 


Robots are a reliable and easy replacement for manual labour. Robots can perform a variety of tasks, from transferring products to complex tasks. We can find the right solution to most challenges by designing and applying robots with the right grippers. 

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We provide bespoke robot solutions for palletising and depalletising products.  From simple stand-alone palletisers to complete end-of-line solutions including pallet transport, wrapping, labelling, etc.

System integration.

We analyse the requirements, draw up an automation plan, develop and implement the solution and make sure it is commissioned on site, including all integrated equipment. We take care of it, from concept to after-sales.


“The installation and the proposed layout are very compact, which allows us to realize a maximum yield in a very limited space. Such a solution is the strength of DERO GROEP. In addition, personal attention, keeping promises and their high degree of solution orientation are absolute advantages.”

// Peter Mulder - Synergy Food  //

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We are a driven team that has a solution for everything. If the solution is not at hand, we come up with one ourselves. Because no matter what, we always make sure it works.


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