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We are specialists in cheese, who can rely on our years of experience. We plan to expand our services in the field of cheese processing, treatment and handling even further. We continuously develop and broaden our product portfolio. We work with our national and international clients to seek out the best possible solution. 

We provide both stand-alone systems and complete solutions for the post-production handling, treatment and processing of naturally aged and film-ripened cheese. 


Our knowledge and many years of experience enable us to develop and implement the best solution in conjunction with our clients. We can help you design a plant to produce, store or process cheese. We work with our clients from the very beginning, to design the right concepts and logistics flows together.


We provide complete automated solutions for the logistics of pre-pressing vats (and moulds) during the process of cheese making. We deliver complete modular systems for the handling of pre-pressing vats, with optional circulation systems, buffers, vat cleaning and unmoulding functions. These systems are assembled according to the needs for capacity, product range and degree of automation. Optionally the systems can be executed as CIP cleanable systems. Furthermore, we also have cheese (batch) labellers in our product range.


For the brining of cheeses we have an automatic racking system. The conveyor belts for the export of the cheese from the brine can, if desired, be provided with rinsing, blowing off, disinfecting and weighing. After that we can offer the cheeses to film wrapping machines and, in case of natural cheese, treat them if required. Then the cheese can be loaded into the desired carrier (box or crate) for storage in the warehouse. 


Our solutions for the treatment of cheeses and shelves can be delivered as a complete solution (treatment lines of various capacities) or as stand-alone machines. We have systems for various types of treatment: waxing, UVC treatment, brine washing, brushing, turning and applying paraffin wax. We also supply systems for cleaning shelves. We can also provide a single handling line integrating machines that apply wraps, labels or both. 


Do you want to remove the foil or rind from the cheese? No problem. We have innovative solutions to do so. We also have a flexible robot solution to feed the cheese into the slicer, and to cut, grate and pack the cheese.


We have ample experience and knowledge in the field of internal logistics too. Besides cheese infeed and outfeed at processing lines and packaging lines, we also have systems for the unloading and loading of all types of carriers: racks, crates, cases, pallets, etc. We also deliver internal transport systems using transport rails, lifts and/or AGVs. 


We know all about repackaging whole cheeses (naturally aged and film-ripened cheese) and packaging cheese in totes/bins, crates or boxes. We provide systems to load cheese into crates or boxes for foil cheese storage and transport. We can integrate the equipment required to package the cheese in foil in a complete cheese packaging solution, including the handling and logistics of the cheeses before and after entering the machines.

Product check.

We can integrate any weighing scales, metal detector, X-ray scanner, etc. We also provide cheese identification systems, such as printers and labellers, with corresponding scanners. We integrate vision systems to find defects.   

System integration.

We can provide integration with WMS and CMS alongside local control solutions to provide complete integration of system solutions for the cheese processing industry. We can also integrate or supply AGV systems.  We analyse the requirements, draw up an automation plan, build the solution and commission the solution. We take care of it, from concept to aftersales. 

"DERO GROEP is absolutely leading in cheese treatment".

// John de Goey - De Goey Kaas //

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