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Tailor-made production automation

Production solutions for cheese and convenience food.

We are specialists with years of experience and knowledge in building solutions for the cheese and convenience industry. 

Together with the other disciplines of the DERO GROEP, we are strong in food!


Assembly. Handling. Packaging.


Production. Handling. Treatment. Processing.

“In no particular order, their strengths are flexibility, food sector experience, out-of-the-box ideas, agreements set in stone, being a no-nonsense company and thinking in terms of solutions, not problems.”

// L. Klootwijk -  Bakkerij Klootwijk //


Our delivery programme consists of a large selection of modules to feed, transport, dose, handle and cut. The modules can be set-up as stand-alone processes or can be integrated into a complete and automatic operational solution. We also deliver various end-of-line, handling and infeed systems for meal-size salad lines.


We provide both stand-alone systems and complete solutions for the post-production handling, treatment and processing of naturally aged and film-ripened cheese. 

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