Flower palletizer.


We have various cobot and robot solutions for handling and palletizing boxes. We can also integrate existing and new equipment such as strappers, box erectors, etc.

The basic setup for low capacity is a cobot cell and for higher capacity a standalone robot palletizing cell can be chosen. Here the cobot/robot moves 2-3 boxes at a time.

'Cobot and robot solutions for handling and palletizing boxes.'

For palletizing boxes coming from multiple flower lines, we have custom solutions with one or more robots that handle complete box layers simultaneously.

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Tailor-made production automation.

Our drive is finding the solution to your challenge. If the solution is not obvious, we invent one. Whatever happens, we always make sure it works. Because of the synergy between our varied fields of expertise – robotics, cheese making systems, convenience and end-of-line machinery – we do not only deliver stand-alone solutions but also provide complete, integrated systems for production plants.

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We are a driven team that has a solution for everything. If the solution is not at hand, we come up with one ourselves. Because no matter what, we always make sure it works.


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