Our egg slicer is ideally suited for feeding sliced eggs to salads, sandwiches, or wraps. With this cutter eggs can be cut efficient and controlled in different patterns (half, quarter, slice, pieces or strips). 

By changing the cutting head a different cutting pattern can be achieved. A single- or double-head version can be chosen depending on the required capacity. The egg slicer can also be supplied with a distribution system for simultaneously dispensing multiple sliced eggs.

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BOSGRAAF is the foundation of our expertise in convenience product systems, our specialists with their years of experience and our knowledge building convenience product solutions. Our delivery programme consists of a large selection of modules to feed, transport, dose, handle and cut. The modules can be set-up as stand-alone processes or can be integrated into a complete and automatic operational solution. We also deliver various end-of-line, handling and infeed systems for meal-size salad lines.