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We supply various standard robot solutions for packing food products in boxes and crates. These compact, hygienic and fully automatic modules can be applied as standalone units or as part of a complete automatic solution. 

Besides robotic cells for handling products, our delivery programme also includes crate unstackers and stackers, weighing, labelling and inspection equipment, carton erectors and the necessary equipment for feeding and unloading.

High speed pick & place.

The DERO/DPC*100S delta picker cell is our solution for picking and placing products at high speed. This can be done one by one or with several products at the same time by means of multi-picking. Depending on the required capacity, multiple robots can be placed in series.

Packing cell.

The DERO/PPC*75 packing cell is the compact solution with a 6-axis robot that is well suited for picking and placing products with larger dimensions and/or mass. 

Box storage and packing cell.

The DERO/RCP*600 carton loading cell is extremely suitable for use in small spaces, as the setting up of the folded cartons and the packing process are combined in one machine. This machine is unique in that the supply of folded boxes and the output of filled boxes take place on the same side above each other, which saves space. For increased capacity, an extra robot can be placed in the same cell to fill the boxes separately.

Packing and palletising cell.

This very compact cell is suitable for setting up boxes, packing various products, closing boxes and palletising. If a higher capacity is required, an additional box erector can be added.

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“Companies invest in automation to bring about results. It must be flexible, improve working conditions and result in efficient and reliable operation. Their starting point is functionality, not traditional principles.”

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