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The setup of our lines is based on combining different modules into a whole. Our delivery program includes assembly belts, modules for feeding or dosing products, ingredients and sauces, cutting systems, etc. In addition to integration in an automatically working line, all these modules can also be applied as stand-alone machine.


Our range of product programmes to add sachets, ingredients, bread, meat products, cheese and eggs is very broad. All solutions have flexible implementation options, can be used for a wide range of products and have been developed according to EHEDG guidelines.

Dosing systems.

We supply dosing equipment for solid and liquid food products. Our clients can select a dosing pump, slide system or one based on weight depending on the product to be added. All our dosing systems are easy to disassemble for cleaning purposes. Infeed systems can be added to the dosing systems if required.


Our cutting modules can be delivered as mobile stand-alone machines but also as part of a complete production line. We provide cutting modules for wraps, sandwiches and baguettes using an ultrasonic or circular knife, as well as units for efficient and controlled cutting of eggs. 

“In no particular order, their strengths are flexibility, food sector experience, out-of-the-box ideas, agreements set in stone, being a no-nonsense company and thinking in terms of solutions, not problems.”

// L. Klootwijk -  Bakkerij Klootwijk //

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