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Our range of product programmes to add sachets, ingredients, bread, meat products, cheese and eggs is very broad. All solutions have flexible implementation options, can be used for a wide range of products and have been developed according to EHEDG guidelines.

Egg cutter.

Our egg slicer is ideally suited for feeding sliced eggs to salads or sandwiches. With this cutter eggs can be cut in different patterns (half, quarter, slice, pieces or strips). By changing the cutting head a different cutting pattern can be achieved.

Sheet supply.

The sheet feeder is suitable for unstacking and feeding dough sheets such as lasagna, puff pastry, etc.

Accessory feeder.

The accessory feeder allows a very wide variety of accessories to be fed to meal salads. This includes packaged savories, sachets, bottles, cutlery, etc.

Bread supply.

This machine is suitable for placing slices of bread on a assembly belt for sandwiches. The machine can even separate and feed sticky slices. The machine can be delivered with 1 - 4 tracks.

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Any questions, comments or other messages for us? We’re glad to hear from you. Please use the contact form or send an email to  info@dero-groep.nl.

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"DERO GROEP's know-how in the field of cheese is huge and this gives them an advantage over the rest."

// Mees Visser - Visser Kaas Huizen //

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