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Complete lines.

Complete lines.

For the preparation of wraps, sandwiches, baguettes and paninis, we supply automatic production lines that can be assembled from a wide range of standard modules as required by the customer. The line is designed in consultation with the customer based on the desired functionality and capacity. These lines are characterized by a high degree of automation and a higher-level line control.


For the preparation of wraps, we have developed a unique line with which tortillas can be partially filled automatically and then folded, rolled and cut as required. Our lines are custom built from modules (dosage, dosing, cutting and packaging).


A sandwich line is built up from an assembly belt, to which modules are added for feeding bread, dosing butter, sauces and ingredients, cutting systems, etc. This whole system is controlled from a central line controller. The number of belts is determined by the desired capacity.


Baguette lines are assembled customer-specifically. Depending on the desired functionality, the modules are assembled into an automatic working unit with a central control. The number of belts is determined by the desired capacity. In addition to the preparation, we can also take care of the placing of the products into the packaging line.

Panini line. 

A panini line consists of an assembly belt and modules for cutting and opening paninis and dosing butter, sauces and other ingredients. This line is custom built and flexible in use, allowing multiple product recipes to be produced on the same line.

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