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BOSGRAAF is the foundation of our expertise in convenience product systems, our specialists with their years of experience and our knowledge building convenience product solutions. Our delivery programme consists of a large selection of modules to feed, transport, dose, handle and cut. The modules can be set-up as stand-alone processes or can be integrated into a complete and automatic operational solution. We also deliver various end-of-line, handling and infeed systems for meal-size salad lines.


Our knowledge and many years of experience enable us to develop and implement the best solution in conjunction with our clients. We work with our clients from the very beginning, to design the right concepts and logistics flows together.

Complete lines.

For the preparation of wraps, sandwiches, baguettes and paninis, we supply automatic production lines that can be assembled from a wide range of standard modules as required by the customer. The line is designed in consultation with the customer based on the desired functionality and capacity. These lines are characterized by a high degree of automation and a higher-level line control.


The setup of our lines is based on combining different modules into a whole. Our delivery program includes assembly belts, modules for feeding or dosing products, ingredients and sauces, cutting systems, etc. In addition to integration in an automatically working line, all these modules can also be applied as stand-alone machine.


We supply various standard robot solutions for packing food products in boxes and crates. These compact, hygienic and fully automatic modules can be applied as standalone units or as part of a complete automatic solution.

System integration.

We analyse the requirements, draw up an automation plan, develop and implement the solution and make sure it is commissioned on site, including all integrated equipment. We take care of it, from concept to after-sales. The synergy between our varied fields of expertise (robotics, convenience and end-of-line) provides complete, integrated complete solutions.

“In no particular order, their strengths are flexibility, food sector experience, out-of-the-box ideas, agreements set in stone, being a no-nonsense company and thinking in terms of solutions, not problems.”

// L. Klootwijk -  Bakkerij Klootwijk //

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