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Our solutions for the treatment of cheeses and shelves can be delivered as a complete solution (treatment lines of various capacities) or as stand-alone machines. We have systems for various types of treatment: waxing, UVC treatment, brine washing, brushing, turning, applying paraffin wax and repackaging. We also provide shelf wash and disinfection systems to clean shelves. We can also provide a single handling line integrating machines that apply wraps, labels or both. 

Plastic coating.

Treating naturally ripened cheese with plastic coating protects it from external influences and reduces the amount of induration and promotes ripening. Our delivery program includes various standalone machines for the application of the coating and a large diversity of automatically working lines for the treatment of cheese that is matured on boxes. A wide variety is available, depending on desired functionality and capacity.


For the treatment of Bergkaese, we offer a range of automatic solutions for the processing of cheese aged on boxes. A wide variety is available, depending on desired functionality and capacity.


If cheeses are matured on boxes, the handling of Italian cheeses can be fully automatic. We have an automatic solution available for unloading and loading boxes, turning and brushing (and impregnating if required) and cleaning the shelves. The line can be custom configured depending on functionality, required capacity and available space.


Treatment with UVC inhibits the growth of micro-organisms and viruses, resulting in a reduction of approximately 90% in the amount of moulds and yeasts. This treatment is applicable on cheese directly from the brine, already treated cheese and on shelves.


For the protection or decoration of cheese with wax we have a wide range of solutions available; our delivery program includes various standalone machines and a large diversity of automated solutions. The choice of the desired solution is determined by the number of colors/types, capacity and the desired degree of automation.


For labeling and banding or full wrapping of cheese we can integrate the relevant equipment in a handling line.

Shelf washing.

For the wet or dry cleaning of shelves we have various shelf cleaning machines in the delivery program. Some of them can be used as standalone solution or integrated as a module in a line. There are several possibilities available: disinfection by means of UVC and single/double-sided wet cleaning. The right choice depends on the desired intensity and capacity. In automatically operating treatment lines, it is also possible to choose a system with two separate washers a soaking washer and a rinsing washer.

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