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Automation of production processes forms part of our DNA, as does the drive to make the most of every challenge. Based on this intrinsic drive, our aim is to make a meaningful contribution to industry. Based on our experience in the fields of robotics, cheese and convenience systems and end-of-line machinery our company developed into a professional partner, partly through independent growth, partly by merging with and integrating other companies. DERO GROEP originated from DERO (robotics), ELTEN (cheese), BOSGRAAF (cheese and convenience), PACKTECH (end-of-line) and DOESCHOT (cheese).

We provide complete solutions, but also stand-alone modules and machines. 


Robotics. Grippers. Software. Complete solutions.


Production. Handling. Treatment. Processing.


Assembly. Handling. Packaging.

End of line.

Handling. Repackaging. Palletising. Internal logistics.

Fresh products.

Assembly. Handling. Packaging.

Post & Parcel.


“Our robot cell works. I am fascinated by its ingenious simplicity. Setting it up is as easy as pie. Change the gripper and three components in the conveyor belt and that’s it!”

// R. Koomen - De Aviateur Banketbakkerijen //

Your solution.

We provide complete, integrated automation solutions, often with the use of industrial robots. We analyse the requirements, draw up an automation plan, develop and build the solution and commission the solution on site. We take care of it, from concept to after-sales. We are a multi-disciplinary company and the synergy between our varied fields of expertise - robotics, cheese making, convenience products and end-of-line systems- provides complete, integrated complete solutions. 

Providing complete, integrated solutions is our speciality.

The source of the synergy of our varied fields of expertise.

‘When I first walked in, I knew I wanted to work here and that nobody was going to stop me...”

// Kevin Kneppers - Junior Mechanical Engineer //

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