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On 14 October 2022, DERO GROEP acquired the robotics and convenience product portfolio of Selo. The main reasons for the acquisition are expanding the current portfolio, developing new market segments and driving innovation.

We have been creating automatic (robotized) handling solutions for more than 25 years and until now our focus has been mainly on the cheese and convenience industry. By the acquisition of Selo’s robotics and convenience portfolio we will add luxury fruit and vegetables to our key focus areas.

Some of Selo's solutions that will be added to our product portfolio.

Perfect complement 
Maro Dedel, CEO and founder DERO GROEP: “We have the drive to make the most of every challenge and to persevere until the goal has been reached. Our main goal is to serve the market ever better and with the addition of Selo's robotic and convenience solutions, we get an even more solid and stronger product portfolio than we already had. It is a perfect complement and so this acquisition brings us one step closer to achieving our goal.”

One of the products we take over is the Speedpacker. Selo developed this avocado packing robot cell together with Nature’s Pride and it efficiently packs 340 avocados per minute without making concessions to quality. “The innovative Speedpacker for fresh products and Selo’s sandwich lines and case packer are a great addition to our existing solutions”, says Maro Dedel. “We are looking forward to serving the market with the same passion as Selo and like Selo, we will keep innovating and developing together with our customers.”

CEOs Willibrord Woertman from Selo (left) and Maro Dedel from DERO GROEP.

“They can create a simple client-specific solution based on something we (as clients) think is complex. They think in terms of solutions, not problems...”

// M. Visser - Visser Kaashandel //

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