Collaboration for the flower industry.


There is a growing need in the flower industry to automate labour intensive tasks. In order to meet this need, the companies Jamafa and DERO GROEP have joined forces to combine specialist knowledge of flower handling with know-how in the application of industrial robots. Their joint mission? To make flower handling hands-free with the help of industrial robots.

Due to the increasing shortage of good labourers, there is a growing need in the flower industry to automate labour-intensive tasks. The application of industrial robots can offer a solution. Robots can be used flexibly for repetitive tasks, they are immune to diseases, deliver stable quality and have the ability to work 24/7.

Maro Dedel (left) of DERO GROEP and Karel van Hattum of Jamafa Machinery in front of the first FlowerCatcher of Mopabloem.

Flower industry
Despite the rise of robots in many industries, robots are still hardly used in the flower sector. Jamafa wants to change this.
'We have noticed that there is a growing need in the sector for the automation of manual labour', says Karel van Hattum of Jamafa Machinery. Until recently manpower was readily available and relatively cheap, but times are changing rapidly. We have therefore been working for years on further automating the processing of flowers.
The processing of loose flowers was still the missing link, but we noticed that the complexity of handling flowers requires a specialist and flexible solution, which is how we came to industrial robots. In order to realise our ambition, we started looking for a partner with knowledge of robot technology. We ended up at the DERO GROEP, who were already active in the flower sector with the FlowerCatcher. A perfect match: we have the knowledge of flower processing and they have the knowledge of robots.
In recent years, Jamafa Machinery has developed a number of innovative concepts that will be rolled out on the market in the near future.

Industrial robots
Not only is it becoming increasingly difficult to find the right people, but also the cost of labour and the increasingly stricter regulations concerning the working environment mean that robots are increasingly being chosen. Maro Dedel, CEO and founder of DERO GROEP, knows all about this. He stood at the cradle of robotisation in the Netherlands and saw with his own eyes how robots found their way over the past 35 years. Despite the great advance of industrial robots, there are still many industries where creativity, drive and expertise are needed for the right solutions. The flower processing industry is one such sector. We therefore look forward to working with Jamafa on making flower handling hands-free.

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The FlowerCatcher is already included in Jamafa's delivery programme.

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