A sweet combination: robots and Tanis' production lines.


We do not only provide complete systems, but also integrate industrial robots for end users and machine builders looking for robot know-how. Such as for Tanis, where we have already supplied around 50 robots with grippers!

Machine manufacturer Tanis makes lines for the production of all kinds of sweets, with a focus on gummies and jellies. With many years of experience and knowledge and their own innovation centre, they help candy producers around the world to produce the perfect candy. And our robots and grippers get to contribute to that!

Total solution
The Dutch family company originally started by making equipment for the production of all kinds of sweets, but in 2014 Tanis decided to focus mainly on gummy and jellies and to specialise in complete production lines for these sweets. Tanis wanted to be able to offer candy producers a total solution for the entire production process, from raw material to finished product, and developed the revolutionary T-Gel line. This is where the Tanis adventure began for DERO GROEP.

In this production line for gummies and jellies, robots stack and unstack the trays.

(Un)stacking trays
As Tanis was looking for a robot integrator for this fully integrated and automated production line for gummies and jellies, they approached us. This eventually led to the 1st of many deliveries to Tanis: 2 robots on high pedestals with custom-made grippers for stacking and unstacking trays. 

These trays are covered with starch in which the moulds for the sweets are pressed and the sweets are then poured into these moulds. One robot stacks the trays with just-made sweets on pallets, after which these go into the drying room. Once the sweets have hardened, the other robot unloads the pallets again for further processing.

Perfect production line
Tanis has since produced many of these lines, always tailored to the customer's needs. For example, Tanis has developed an entry-level production line with smaller trays in addition to the standard line, and production lines with moulding without starch are also possible. For all these lines, we have been able to supply suitable robots and grippers, about 50 in total. With end customers in, among others, the United States, Mexico and Japan, our robot programmers travel all over the world for these projects, so we can't wait for the next candy trip!

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“They can create a simple client-specific solution based on something we (as clients) think is complex. They think in terms of solutions, not problems...”

// M. Visser - Visser Kaashandel //

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