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We couldn’t be happier than when addressing a challenge. To persevere until the goal has been reached. That is the DERO DRIVE! And that's what we're proud of. What we often forget is to share those moments with others. We want to change that and are therefore going to share news about our company more regularly.

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Open innovation days.


During our open innovation days from 28 April to 6 May 2021 we present (online) two unique solutions for the (filled) sandwich industry. Meet our brand new bread destacker and smallbread cutter.

New location Vergeer Kaas


Vergeer Kaas is preparing for the future! At their new location in Bodegraven cheese is processed fully automatically, from in-feed to pallet, with minimal staffing. We are very proud of our cooperation with Vergeer. Recently the first line has been installed.

Collaboration for the flower industry.


There is a growing need in the flower industry to automate labour intensive tasks. In order to meet this need, the companies Jamafa and DERO GROEP have joined forces to combine specialist knowledge of flower handling with know-how in the application of industrial robots. Their joint mission? To make flower handling hands-free with the help of industrial robots.

Weather alarm.


It is winter in the Netherlands. And especially in the North there is a lot of snow. Fortunately, we have our own snowplough, Jetse, who clears the terrain professionally.

New website.


In September 2020 we presented to everyone in our company the new corporate identity and the starting points for our new website. Today we launch the basic version of our new website in the new corporate identity. In the coming months the website will be further expanded with more information about our products and services.

Through the roof.


Very early this morning we started with the (de)assembly of the installation at Rouveen. With the roof open, we were able to use the crane to place the press parts through the roof onto the first floor.

Our products.