High speed parcel induction.


There is a high demand for automation of parcel handling in the growing e-commerce sector, and therefore we created a robotic solution for the supply to sorting machines. With this solution a robot picks random parcels and envelopes out of the parcel flow at high speed, eliminating the need for this repetitive work to be done manually.

This solution works with AI-controlled vision software from Plus One Robotics, which identifies the unknown parcels via 3D points. The robot receives this information, picks the parcels one by one from the stack and places them on a conveyor belt to the sorting machine. 

Unique to this system is Plus One Robotics' Yonder, which allows an operator to select which parcel should be picked if the system cannot identify one. This allows the robot to resume work within a few seconds and prevents (long) downtime. Through machine learning, the performance of the system gets better and better!

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Our test set-up for high speed parcel induction.

'Ze zijn in staat om van iets wat wij (de klant) ingewikkeld vinden een simpele klant specifieke oplossing te maken. Ze denk in oplossingen en niet in problemen...'

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