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Our innovations.

Our innovations.

Innovation is in our DNA. If the solution is not obvious, we invent one! To be honest, we are quite proud of this and that is why we are sharing information about our latest developments below.

Of course we have many more great innovations. Unfortunately, due to confidentiality, pending patents and agreements, we cannot show them all on our website.

Do you have an automation question yourself? Then challenge us! We are always willing to think with you about a solution.

Smallbread cutter.


This innovative cutting concept is very flexible and designed for cutting open and unfolding small bread at high speed. The machine is suitable for a large variety of small breads (e.g. pistolets, rolls and croissants).

Alignment station Edammers.


One of the most difficult types of cheese to transport on a board are Edam cheeses. Because of their shape, they can easily shift and roll. This can cause problems when picking up the Edammers with a robot. In order to ensure the position of the Edammers on the shelf, we have developed an alignment station.



Last year, we tested the FlowerCatcher for the entire season at a tulip grower near us in Haarlemmermeer. The FlowerCatcher is a robotic solution, which collects the bunches of tulips at the end of the line and places them in a bucket. The machine can process up to 4600 bunches/hour. In 2020, we further developed this machine and now there are about four cells operational.



We have chosen (in consultation with Thermo Fisher) to make our own design weighing belt on the weighing unit of Thermo Fisher. The main reasons for this are improved hygienic design and the possibility to easily remove the belt (and therefore better cleaning).

Bread De-stacker.


A lot of hard work has gone into developing a new type of bread de-stacker. A bread destacker ensures that individual slices of bread are separated from whole sliced loaves in order to feed them to a sandwich line, where they are topped and sliced.

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