Sachet feeder.


Sachets are part of almost every customer-ready meal salad. These small plastic bags containing, for example, dressing, croutons, seeds, cheese or other products are still manually added to salad trays even in the most automated factories. This is why we have developed the BOSGRAAF/RAF*100S sachet feeder.

Sachets are delivered in bulk. This causes them to be mixed up and crumpled, making it difficult for a vision system to recognise the sachets. This often makes a bin-pick solution unsuitable for achieving the required capacities. In addition, the solution must also be able to deal flexibly with future sachets, as we never know which ingredients will be in demand in a few years' time.


To tackle these challenges, we developed the BOSGRAAF/RAF*100S sachet feeder, a unique solution for feeding sachets! The sachets are automatically singulated from bulk for easy recognition. A delta robot then picks up the sachets and places them in customer-ready meals.
The flexible sachet feeder is suitable for handling sachets with both liquid and solid contents. And due to the applied vision system with machine learning, the machine can always learn to recognise and pick up new sachets at a later time. So the sachet feeder is ready for the future!

'Ze zijn in staat om van iets wat wij (de klant) ingewikkeld vinden een simpele klant specifieke oplossing te maken. Ze denk in oplossingen en niet in problemen...'

// M. Visser - Visser Kaashandel //

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