Distribution system for egg cutter.


For simultaneously dispensing multiple sliced eggs, we have developed a distribution system for our double-head egg slicer. This hygienically designed system can cut 120 half eggs per minute into julienne strips and dose them directly into trays.

With the double-head egg cutter, two eggs at a time can be cut into the desired pattern (half, quarter, slices, pieces or strips), but this project required dispensing twelve strip-cut half eggs simultaneously. We therefore designed and produced a distribution system.

The distribution system for the double-head egg cutter.

The distribution system catches the two eggs that have been cut into strips and halved by the egg cutter into four compartments. Another four compartments then move under the egg cutter to catch the next dose and this is then done again, filling a total of 12 compartments. Next, the base is pulled out from under these compartments and all twelve trays in the conveyor are filled at once. 

In this case, the sliced eggs are dosed into trays filled with Filet Americain, but the egg cutter and distribution system are both adjustable in height and can therefore be used to fill different products. For ease of use and accessibility of parts for cleaning, the egg cutter and distribution system are designed as two separate units.

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